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About us

Our car tuning and performance-engineering company unites professional specialists and partners from all over the world! We create, test and implement into reality various technological developments. We intently choose and bring to perfection everything we deal with. Working with us or choosing our products you are bound to meet best price-quality ratio.

1000+ Vehicles equipped with our products

Car owners and tuning companies from all over the globe choose DMT-racing. Establishing business-relations with our company or purchasing our products, our clients are sure that they get best reasonable price and short-time delivery. We are ready to prove this statements in the working process, do not hesitate and contact us.

500+ tuning positions available

The nomenclature of components is constantly broadened. New products are presented along with currently existing products being improved. DMT-racing is directly working with each particular developer and manufacturer. Our company is also closely monitoring the market in search of new optimal solutions in tuning and power upgrades, which we are always eager to offer to our clients.

300+ calibrated (tuned) cars

Apart from our own sales and store products of our partners, we also specialize in car calibration (for cars and other vehicles: tuning, remapping, custom-configuration). All the works are performed on our chassis dynamometer system. The assembly and upgrades of the cars we work with can be done either by our company or by our partners.

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Featured services

The full list of services we offer at DMT-racing includes everything necessary for maintenance, tuning and power upgrades installment. We can offer a wide range of possible works and services, from oil and filters replacement to racing-cars preparations, support and follow-up at competitions and other events.

icon Components/parts sales

We have created, tested and implemented into real store sales our own products and developments, which are available for purchase. We have also precisely selected and tested best products presented on the market today – they are presented as our partners’ products. At DMT-racing you can order sportive air-filters, upgraded turbochargers, downpipes and many more. You can also buy a prepared and tested bolt-on kit or compile a set of components according to your needs.

icon Programming support and software

One of the most important aspects in any car-building project is professional tuning. We can offer prepared and tested software programmes or develop unique software package according to your needs.

icon Oils and sport fuel

DMT-racing has chosen several companies, which specialize in combustive and lubricating materials manufacturing. We offer our partners’ products: premium engine oils for high-powered engines and sport-fuel with octane unit rate up to 116. Direct cooperation with the manufacturers 100% guarantees high quality of the sourced products.

icon Franchising

We develop this field of activity very carefully. Along with constant widening of the pool of our partners, we are ready to scrutinize your requests regarding establishments of new offices abroad. We are ready to discuss various options and offer special pricing, but from our side we require professionalism and much experience in order to provide our clients high standards of service and maintain positive goodwill of our company.

icon Support and maintainance at competitions and sport events

DMT-racing cares much about efficient performance of our clients’ cars on competitions and multiple auto-events. It is believed that each car should be serviced by minimum 1 mechanician at the event. That assumption is partially true, because not only the number of engineering operators and servicemen matters, but much more does the effective work of the whole team. A lot of aspects of preparation works need to be closely monitored: safe vehicle delivery to the place, fueling, car technical condition monitoring, tire pressure control and many more. We are ready to provide full control and maintenance as before the event, as during the event, as afterwards. Photos and video-report from the event can be prepared upon the request.

icon Individual project-car building and customization

Projects of any technical sophistication according to your needs and budget can be built at DMT-racing. We prepare technical design specification, consider the list of components and works for approval and take the car into service. Overall operations can be done at one of our departments or at our partners’ departments. In the end, the client gets a turn-key and ready-to-go project car, tuned and calibrated.

Brands and products

Brands and products

Our partnership and cooperation with different brands is nailed down with top results in project cars and often world records setting.