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Midpipe for Audi 3.0 TFSI [S4/S5/A5/Q5/SQ5/Q8/A6/A7/A8] EA839

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Compatibility with:

Audi A6 c8 55TFSI from 2018 340HP
Audi A7 c8 55TFSI from 2018 340HP 
Audi A8 d5 55TFSI from 2017 340HP
Audi Q8 55TFSI from 2019 340HP
Audi S4 b9 from 2016 354HP
Audi S5 f5 from 2016 354HP
Audi SQ5 fy from 2017 354HP
Porsche Panamera II from 2016 330HP
Porsche Cayenne III from 2017 340HP
VW Touareg III from 2018 340HP


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