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Downpipes 3′ for Mercedes [E63/E63S AMG (w212/s212) CLS-63AMG (c218/x218)]

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Downpipes for Mercedes [E63 / E63S AMG (w212 / s212)]

Set of catalytic downpipes for the following Mercedes models with M157 gasoline turbo engine:
E-63AMG (W212 / S212) 4matic 2013+ 557 and 585 hp
CLS-63AMG (c218 / x218) 4matic 2014+ 525 and 557 hp

Fully compatible with the standard exhaust system. Easy to install. Made of high quality stainless steel using TIG welding in argon. They can significantly reduce the resistance to the flow of exhaust gases, which leads to an acceleration of the reaction to the opening of the throttle, improved dynamic characteristics, increased power and torque. The exhaust sound becomes much more expressive.

  • 100% stainless steel, including flanges, brackets, mounting under lambda probes
  • diameter 76mm
  • full compatibility with standard exhaust system
  • during installation, extension of probe wiring is not required, modification

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