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Exhaust Valve System for Mercedes [S63 AMG (W222)]

CAPRISTO 02MB 044 03 002
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CAPRISTO 02MB 044 03 002

Consists of silencers with valves and sections to standard catalysts.
Included is a CES-3 valve operation controller and two remote controls.
Made of T309 chromium-nickel stainless steel.
Operating modes:
– Cruise-Mode = valves open later
– Sport-Mode = valves open earlier
– Open-Mode = valves open immediately
In addition, in Cruise-Mode and Sport-Mode you can control the threshold for opening valves, that is, in addition to set the moment of opening of the valves to your taste and get the desired sound.
Also, the CES-3 unit has the ability to recognize a driving style. In the case of aggressive driving, the unit detects the accumulation of pressure in the system and opens the valve; in the case of moderate driving, the valves open later.
Mercedes S63 AMG (W222) with M157 engine, 5.5 V8 BiTurbo, 585 hp
Mercedes S500 (W222) with M278 engine, 4.6 V8 BiTurbo, 455 hp

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