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Intake system for Jaguar [F-Type 3.0/5.0]

2830 BUY

V6 power increase: 18-24 hp, 27-33 N m
V8 power increase: 30-38 hp, 40-47 N m

The Eventuri Intake system for the Jaguar F-Type fits both the 3.0l and 5.0l supercharged variants. We have replaced the standard airboxes and resonator tubes with our Patent Pending filter housings mated to bespoke carbon fibre tubes. To ensure a smooth airflow path, our tubes are matched in diameter to the stock MAF sensor tubes downstream and then matched again to the engine inlet tubes upstream. The combination of our Eventuri housings and tubes improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the inlet track resulting in significant increase of power and torque. This is a stand-alone upgrade which requires no further tuning.


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