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Turbochargers Kit 550+ Mercedes-AMG [A45/CLA45/GLA45 M133]

Core 600 €
2200 BUY

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Compatibility with:

Mercedes-AMG A45 from 2013
Mercedes-AMG CLA45 from 2013
Mercedes-AMG GLA45

More powerful turbocharger for Mercedes-AMG cars with the M133 engine. Developed by leading experts at TurboSystems. With a comprehensive refinement of the car, they allow you to raise power to 550+ horsepower. The design is made on a ball bearing, which provides a faster exit to working pressure. The components of both the “cold” and “hot” parts of the turbochargers have been improved, strengthened and increased.

To obtain the maximum result, it is required: – adjustment of the engine ECU software – adjustment of the control computer ECU – downpipe without catalyst – installation of an intercooler with increased performance


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