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Universal Turbocharger Kit 450-550+ HTX3057B3

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Universal HTX3057B3 hybrid turbocharger

High performance turbocharger designed for heavy loads and high temperature. Dual ceramic ball bearing and machined from solid aluminium compressor wheel makes it durable and efficient solution for motorsport use.

Power range: 450-550 HP

Core: dual ceramic ball bearing

Cooling: Water cooled bearing housing with 2 M14x1.5 ports
Bearings: Dual ceramic ball bearings
Compressor air Intake diameter: 63mm (2,5″)
Compressor air Outlet diameter: 51mm (2″)
Flange: T3
Exhaust connection: 3″ V-band clamp
Ported shroud compressor housing
AN4 oil inlet with integrated oil restrictor

Compressor side:
Compressor wheel: 9+0 blades machined from the solid billet
Inducer: 57mm
Exducer: 71mm

Turbine side:
Housing: Twin scroll 12cm2 / AR: 0.89
Turbine wheel: 9 blades
Inducer: 60mm
Exducer: 55mm
Flange: T3

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