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Intake system with inlets of larger diameter for AUDI S6/S7/RS6/RS7 with 4.0TFSI engine.
The system is ESSENTIAL for cars with upgraded turbochargers of bigger diameter‼ This is especially important for S-series cars because their stock inlets are smaller than RS-models inlets!!!
As whole intake system, as inlets only are available for purchase.

BMW M5 F90 STAGE 3 !!!

First results on low boost BMW M5 F90 STAGE 3 on our tuning parts (bolt-on) ?

Full weight, ⛽ 100 octane
Waiting for 4,5 in 100-200 ✊

✅Hybrid turbochargers @turbosystems.info
@eventuri_ intake
✅ Water methanol injection
✅ Catless downpipes @dmt_racing
Where are you, crazy bimmer fans?