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Thanks to our technical solutions and only thanks to them around the world there are the most powerful and fastest cars of the AUDI brand, which set world records in competitions. AUDI cars have great potential for tuning and increasing power. The engines in the factory performance without increasing the withstand great loads and allow the installation of more efficient turbochargers, thereby increasing the output of the motor more than twice! At the same time, models that are perfect for tuning, AUDI brand can offer in different price categories. Here is the flagship model with Buturlinovsky engine 4.0 TFSI and a "younger" with two-liter turbo engine. But if AUDI-the better QUATTRO! The proprietary all-wheel drive system allows you to shoot with incredible force charged cars from the start with minimal slippage.

SOFTWARE DMT transmission and engine AUDI

A properly tuned car is the Foundation for high and stable power and torque results. Depending on the configuration of the "iron" of Your car, taking into account Your wishes, we will be able to choose the optimal algorithm of the engine and gearbox. When preparing individual software, various options are available, such as removing the maximum speed limiter, adding a shooting function, and others. All our solutions can be found after selecting a specific car model.

DMT ACCESSORIES for tuning and increase the power of AUDI

DMT Racing company offers a wide range of components for tuning and increasing power for almost any modern model of AUDI cars. Elements of exhaust systems, refinement of cooling, fuel pumps, cold intake and of course turbochargers increased productivity. Our products are comprehensively allows you to record the output parameters. All our solutions can be found after selecting a specific car model.